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Our Drops

100 Legendary Jaguars

The original settlers of Costa Jaguar. Their designs are exclusively inspired by history, tradition, and culture.

costa jaguar raw 2.png

God Jaguars

10% of the collection

They are the strongest and most powerful of the jaguars. Gods from ancient pre-hispanic cultures in jaguar form.

costa jaguar raw4.png
costa jaguar raw 3.png

Celebrity & Magical Jaguars

Warrior Jaguars

30% of the collection

Dancers, entertainers,and prietsts. A celebration of the continent's history!

60% of the collection

Ready to defend their land at all cost. They hail from multiple regions in Latin America.


All Legendary Jaguars will provide their holders:

  • 1 free NFT in every future collection

  • Jaguar Pesos accrual at higher rate

  • Access to all Costa Jaguar content

5000 Male Jaguars

(Stay tuned!)

This collection of 5000 depicts the legacy created by our original drop. Traits will vary from ancient to modern, yet retaining their distinct Latin American style. More details will be revealed in time.

costa jaguar raw6.png


All Male Jaguars will provide their holders:

  • Jaguar Pesos accrual at normal rates

  • Ability to breed once with Female Jaguars

  • Access to most Costa Jaguar content

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