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Truly Latin American NFTs

Guided by the Sun, jaguars have escaped human destruction to live in a timeless paradise called Costa Jaguar  that's nothing but good vibes

Are you ready to join them?

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We seek to nurture and preserve Latin American identity by bridging its art into the digital world

From inception, 20% of the funds raised in this project will go directly into Amazon conservation and reforestation



Owning a Costa Jaguar NFT will give you the following benefits


Holders will be able to accrue Jaguar Pesos, Costa Jaguar's unique Polygon-based currency. The more jaguars you collect, the more you'll earn!

Male and female jaguars will arrive to Costa Jaguar.  Using your Jaguar Pesos, you'll be able to create a baby jaguar NFT with mixed traits!



Ever wondered how NFTs are made? Satiate your curiosity with exclusive behind-the-scenes and educative content! We'll teach you everything we know




As more jaguars are adopted, different stages of the roadmap will be unlocked

Before the Drop

Legendary Jaguars  - May 2

What is a party without a pre-game?

An exclusive group of gods, entertainers, priests, and warriors will settle in Costa Jaguar before everyone arrives.

These jaguars will also give additional benefits to their holders, including free access to future drops

Gift image


Surprise 10 lucky holders!

10 Jaguars will be randomly awarded to current NFT holders

Digital currency of Costa Jaguar


Activation of the Jaguar Pesos currency

Jaguar Pesos go online, allowing all Costa Jaguar NFTs  to earn an allowance over time. Use them to breed a male and female to get a baby jaguar!

Image of a treasure containing currency


Bonus Charity

Jaguars are aware that there are some good humans. The Costa Jaguar community will be able to vote on a Latin American charity of choice to donate $10,000

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Recurso 3.png
Recurso 3.png
Recurso 3.png
Recurso 3.png
Recurso 2.png
Animated Jaguar head


Male Jaguars

5,000 Jaguars are ready to bring the party to Costa Jaguar. Get them before they're gone. 

Female Jaguars

Female Jaguar


Female Jaguars make their way to Costa Jaguar. Pair them up with a male Jaguar and who knows... something could happen?

Animated computer


Behind the scenes content

Behind the scenes access, in-depth educational blogs, meeting notes, and more. Plus, access to our Surf vibes Spotify playlist



The party is just getting started... A new chapter begins

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Going Beyond

We are in this for the long run. 

Costa Jaguar is here to stay. Our team is working hard to bring our holders as many benefits as possible.

Some of these may include (but are not limited to):

  • Using Jaguar Pesos with partnered Latin American brands for discounts

  • Sandbox/Metaverse integration

  • Exclusive NFT drops with regional artists

  • Community-driven benefits and voting!



JD Jaguar NFT

JD (The Nerd)

BA in Economics and Computer Science. Software engineer by day, blockchain developer by night. Sleep deprived 1-man army.

Lucas Jaguar NFT
Pato Jaguar NFT

Pato (The Strategist)

CEMS Masters in International Management from National University of Singapore, M.S. in Finance. Always. Keeping. Us. In. Schedule.

Mau Jaguar NFT

Alan (Marketing Lead)

Business and economics graduate specializing in administration. In charge of social media and ocmmunity management

Leon Jaguar NFT

Leon (The Law)

Law student, specialist in fintech law, with special interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Black Jaguar Foundation Logo

Costa Jaguar has partnered with the Black Jaguar foundation to donate 20% of this project's proceeds to fight deforestation and rebuild the Amazon.

By purchasing a jaguar, you aid the Black Jaguar Foundation in their mission to restore the rainforest

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